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Before embarking on a project, Stage One conducts an extensive needs assessment and examines the organizational culture in which solutions are to be implemented. Special attention is given to current workflow procedures in order to understand the manner in which tasks are accomplished. The Stage One development team analyzes corporate resources, including personnel, and determines software and hardware needs, paying particular attention to employees' ability to handle automation and reorganization.

Based on the needs assessment, Stage One recommends solutions that will improve performance; a comprehensive binder is produced which outlines strategies and tactics that will expand and enhance capabilities. At this early stage of the project, clients are encouraged to compare and consider other sources before entering into a long term agreement with Stage One.

Green Light
Once Stage One is given the go ahead to implement recommended solutions, our development team moves into full swing, working closely with users to develop systems that are easy to use and understand.

Roll Out
Stage One introduces a new system in stages, ensuring smooth integration of the automated processes. While users have the opportunity to perform some of their tasks with the automated system, others are still done using the old, manual technique; thus, users unaccustomed to computers are not overwhelmed. As time passes and users become more proficient, all processes are handled with the computer.

Follow Through
The Stage One consulting team prides itself on its ability to provide thorough support and training. Our support staff is readily available for questions. Client feedback is obtained throughout the duration of the project.