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Stage One Productions is a San Francisco-based management consulting firm specializing in business reengineering and custom designed software. Since 1988, Stage One Productions has partnered with businesses of all sizes, at all stages of their organizational development. We have worked in a wide range of business environments, including manufacturing plants, warehousing and distribution facilities, printing companies, retail stores, and auction houses.

With over 25 years of business acumen and technical expertise, Stage One can design, develop, and implement the tools that will help your company exceed its goals. Our developers are proficient in the most current languages, including Visual Basic, Visual C#, Java and Flex. In addition to custom-designed software applications, Stage One provides:
Outsource MIS
  • Training and Customizing on Microsoft Office Products
  • Intranet and Internet Web Site Development and Integration
  • Crisis Management
  • Staffing Analysis
  • Reengineering of workflows and processes
  • Designing High Availability and Scalable Architectures

  • Public Relations
    The Stage One development team prides itself on providing clients with custom-designed solutions. Stage One helps businesses simplify the most complex procedures. Our consulting team works closely with management to define objectives and analyze corporate workflow. When building the finished product, special attention is paid to the individual user, ensuring that applications are effective and easy to understand.